[CUCBC Coxes] Reminders on the Cam

Limeng Zhu limeng at cucbc.org
Tue Oct 12 09:46:48 BST 2021

Dear Captains and coxes:

It's been great to see crews out and especially crews being courteous and
nice to each other! Please continue to do this- it's a weird time with
clubs and crews all affected differently due to COVID.
A couple reminders:

-Do not spin where you are not supposed to. It gums up the river and makes
everyone late. And you will be fined because it annoys everyone following
the rules!

-Lights are required for the first 15 minutes after lighting down, bright
enough to be seen through 360 degrees but not bright enough to blind other

-Pairs, doubles and coxless fours need one bank steerer per boat in the
early morning no matter how experienced the crew may be

-Make sure you are safe overtaking before you do so, especially if you are
doing a piece.
Captains meeting details, EMMs etc. will be sent out once we have capacity
to organise these- apologies for the wait and thanks for the patience.

All best,

Limeng Zhu
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