[CUCBC Coxes] Piecing on the River- reminder to all.

Limeng Zhu limeng at cucbc.org
Wed Oct 20 12:05:39 BST 2021

Dear Coxes and Captains,

We have had reported a significant incident which occurred on the Cam due
to an eight piecing and colliding with an easied crew, injuring rowers.
This was discussed at the Captain's meeting yesterday, where it was agreed
a reminder would be beneficial to all,

Do not overtake when unsafe, ensure you have clear river to do so and to
come back onto the correct side. *If you can't see if it is safe or not, it
isn't safe!* A bank party is good for cycling ahead and checking for clear
river, but the responsibility lies on the cox to judge if an overtake or
maneuver is safe.
Please be aware that all experience levels of boats are out during
michaelmas term, so boatspeeds will be more unpredictable.

We are also getting continued reports of loud coxboxes before 0730- please
check the volume before you boat and turn down if too loud.

Kind regards,

Limeng Zhu
CUCBC Executive Committee
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