[CUCBC Captains] Minutes and reminders

Felicity Parker felicity at cucbc.org
Tue Oct 23 21:29:10 BST 2018

Dear captains,

*Please forward the relevant parts of this to coaches/LBCs/coxes as

Firstly, minutes from the start-of-term captains' meeting are now on the
website and for your convenience have been attached to this email;
apologies for the delay. Comments sent to me after the meeting have been
incorporated as promised.

Secondly, we have had numerous complaints from town clubs recently about
boats without adequate lights. If you are boating within 15 minutes of
lighting down, or it is foggy (use common sense here, but if it is yellow
flagged for fog as it was last week, that is foggy enough to need lights)
you must have *bright* lights at both bow and stern. If visibility is poor
- as it is shortly after lighting down, or in fog - and you do not have
lights visible to other crews on the river, you are posing a danger both to
yourselves and to others.

Please could you ask your Early Morning Marshals to report all boats
without adequate lights - whether lacking them altogether, too dim, or
pointing the wrong way - so that we can take appropriate action.

On the subject of EMMs, a reminder that sheets should be uploaded via the
link on the website or, failing that, emailed to cucbc at cucbc.org by 5pm on
the day of the shift. If this isn't possible, I would appreciate a message
explaining why the sheets will be delayed, and when we can expect them. Any
other problems - including problems with filling your EMM slot - please
email in advance. Providing marshals is necessary for the safety of all
those on the river and good relations with those who live around us. It is
not optional.

The instructions for EMMs have been updated and can be found on the website
here <http://www.cucbc.org/marshals/instructions>. The rota for providing
EMMs is here <http://www.cucbc.org/marshals>. Many thanks to yesterday's
marshal for pointing out an inconsistency in the instructions. The major
difference is in the locations of the two marshals; those clubs providing
marshals this week (Fitzwilliam, Sidney Sussex, Caius, Clare Hall, Trinity
Hall and Murray Edwards), please make your marshals aware of the changes
and ask them to check the instructions before arriving for their shift.

A final note: the clocks go back this weekend, so from next week senior
boats will have over an hour on the river before novice boating time. In
the meantime, there will be a lot of traffic in the mornings. Please be
courteous, respectful and considerate: maintain a sensible distance from
other boats, do not overtake if you cannot see that it is safe to do so
(e.g. if it will result in you being on the wrong side of the river with
nowhere to slot back into the queue), and do not needlessly cause traffic
behind you by proceeding slower than you could reasonably do.


Felicity Parker
CUCBC Honorary Secretary
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