[CUCBC Captains] Reminders - lighting up, spinning, and rowing above Chesterton

Felicity Parker felicity at cucbc.org
Sun Nov 25 18:21:06 GMT 2018

Dear all,

There have been several reports recently of crews getting back to their
boathouses after lighting up. College crews should not be on the water in
the dark. If you were unavoidably delayed - if there was a major incident,
such as a capsize or nasty collision that blocked the river, for example -
we will be understanding, but you should plan your outings to get home
before lighting up, taking into account levels of traffic and how fast your
crew rows. I would also remind you that if there's a chance you may be on
the water less than 15 minutes before lighting up, you should take lights.

There were a high number of reports last week of crews spinning elsewhere
than at the designated spinning zones, and of practising standing starts
and high pressure/high rate rowing along Riverside and past the boathouses.
Please don't. Again, if there are extenuating circumstances - for instance,
if someone in the crew is ill or injured and needs to get back to the
boathouse as soon as possible - then spinning in strange places is
forgivable, but it shouldn't be done just because you don't fancy queuing
for the spinning zone. Piecing above Chesterton, where there are
houseboats, the river is narrow, and there are often boats (including
novices, scullers and juniors) in the wrong part of the river, is dangerous
and therefore forbidden. Except for Fairbairns and Christmas Head, of

I'm sorry to seem such a killjoy, but the rules are there to keep all of us
safe - you, and your novices, and your equipment, and everyone else on the
river. Please behave.

Felicity Parker
CUCBC Honorary Secretary
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