[CUCBC Captains] Getting-On Race Penultimate Update

Cam Lardy cam at cucbc.org
Thu Feb 18 13:56:01 GMT 2016

Dear Captains,

Following on from the discussion at the Captains' meeting, there will be a
CUCBC organised talk on the Tideway line (as well as marshalling, and
navigation before and after etc.)

I've not announced a date due to an ongoing bun-fight over lecture theatre
use for it but it will still go ahead in the week following Lents (and I
hope to confirm a time/location shortly!)

I think the talk advertised by Nines on this list is likely to be very
good, but for those focused on bumps at the time (I know various of you are
planning crew meals that night), there will be another chance to receive a
similar presentation once bumps is over but before WEHoRR/ManHORR.

Best of luck to all for the GoR and Lents,


PS Volunteer for umpiring. It's fun, and very very helpful!
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