[CUCBC Captains] Final Getting-On Race Information

Cam Lardy cam at cucbc.org
Thu Feb 18 20:08:05 GMT 2016

Dear Captains

There have been some complaints about early morning noise recently, and having managed to make it down to the river myself this morning I know they are not unsubstantiated.

There is to be absolutely zero coaching from the bank above the railway bridge before 0730. On top of that, coxing should be as quiet as possible and restricted to basic commands. If you cannot safely navigate to the railway bridge under these restrictions you should not boat until 0730.

It has been commented that 1st boats have been, in general, keeping to these restrictions. The main issue is the non-first boats. Please communicate very clearly to all of your coaches and coxes that the early morning noise is to stop. Thank you for your cooperation in this matter.

Michael Thornton
CUCBC Honorary Secretary 2015-2016

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