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Michael Thornton michael at cucbc.org
Wed Feb 17 20:20:34 GMT 2016

Dear all,

Thanks very much to everyone who has signed up already. Unfortunately we're still about 30 umpires short of being able to run Bumps and 40 short of being able to run bumps successfully with people having nice umpiring slots.

Could Captains please urge eligible people in their clubs to sign up. Remember, the more umpires you willingly provide at slots that suit them, the fewer marshals you will berequiredto provide at potentially problematic time slots.

In the spirit of healthy competition, the club signups look something like this:

Caius 2
Churchill 1
Clare 2
Clare Hall 1
Darwin 4
Emmanuel 6
First&Third 1
Girton 1
King's 1
Lady Margaret 2
Magdalene 1
Murray Edwards 1
Newnham 2
Pembroke 3
Peterhouse 2
Queens' 1
Robinson 3
Selwyn 3
Sidney Sussex 6
St Catharine's 1
St Edmunds 1
Trinity Hall 1
Wolfson 1

Sign up here:http://www.cucbc.org/node/421


On 12 Feb 2016 23:59 +0000, Conor Burgess<conor at cucbc.org>, wrote:
> *Captains please forward this message to your clubs*
> Dear all,
> The time has come for Umpiring Sign Up. Umpiring is a great way to get involved in the racing and you get the chance to be right at the centre of the action - either by cycling along with the crews or acting as a static umpire along the course.
> As a 'thank you' for your time, all umpires are offered afree dinner(including drinks) at the Cambridge Blue pub, the week after bumps. Those who volunteer to umpire also count towards their college's marshal allocation.
> You don't need to have umpired before. There will be a meeting for all umpires ahead of racing where we explain everything and all new umpires are paired with a 'senior' one during racing. However, we do ask that you have rowed or coxed in at least 2 sets of bumps before so that you understand how the races work.
> Please remember that you can both compete and umpire. We suggest you leave 2 divisions clear before your race and 1 after to allow you to get to and from the boathouses. The division times are available here:http://www.cucbc.org/lents/times
> The umpires briefing will probably be on Sunday 21st February and should last about half an hour. The exact time and location will be confirmed nearer the time, and I’ll endeavour to distribute a first draft of the umpiring rota before the meeting.
> You can sign up here:http://www.cucbc.org/node/421
> If you have any questions, feel free to contact me atconor at cucbc.org(mailto:conor at cucbc.org)
> Conor
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