[CUCBC Captains] Win Tech Heel restraints

Safety Advisor safetyadvisor at cucbc.org
Mon Jun 14 11:08:37 BST 2010

Dear all,

First of all, thank you all for the cooperation early on today when we
had large delays on the divisions and the problems this caused at
Chesterton especially.

For tomorrow, we would like to allow a practice (standing) start from
the plough. However - first of all, this will be only for divisions M1
/ W1 / M2 / W2, and secondly this must be maximum 10 strokes to easy,
followed by rowing off at light pressure. I.e., you must not be at
full pressure past the swans.

A pair of glasses were found opposite the plough, and can be collected
from control.

Some fines:

Robinson W1: Dropped bung, no advantage. £15
Anglia Ruskin M2: Excessive bank party. £15
St. Edmund's M1: Did not pick up bung, no advantage. £15
Christ's M2: Early Celebration. £20
Jesus W1: Dropped bung, no advantage. £15
Jesus W1: Excessive bank party. £15
Queens M3: Failure to hold it up. £20
Christ's W3: Excessive bank party. £15
Christ's W3: Failure to easy. £20
First and Third M5: Failure to clear. £30
Hughes Hall M2: Excessive bank party. £15
Newnham W3: Dropped bung, no advantage. £15
Murray Edwards W2: Failure to easy. £30
Fitzwilliam W2: Failure to clear. £30
Christ's M4: Excessive bank party. £15
Fitzwilliam M2: No lifejacket. £50
Fitzwilliam M2: Did not pick up bung, no advantage. £15
Queens' M1: Dangerous coxing after finish. £20
Anglia Ruskin M2: Failure to hold it up and clear. £25
Darwin: No marshal. £15
Jesus: No marshal (second offence). £30
Girton: No marshal. £15
First and Third: No marshal. £15
LMBC: No marshal. £15
Caius: No marshal. £15

Please note that the notes and fines for Saturday are unlikely to be
released until Sunday.



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