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Dear all
           I've been asked to pass on the concrens of the British Rowing
Safety Committee over the heel restraints currently being used in the Win
Tech boats and the advise will be important to those of your crews
competeing at Henley and other regatta's.

 The problem is that the system uses a lace knotted at one end underneath
the stretcher. The other end has a pressure clip that hooks on to a metal
ring at the rear of the shoe.  The system involves the lace being clamped
into a plastic tube that squeezes the lace when the tube is pushed into the
base of the pressure clip. We have had a couple of examples of the lace
coming out of the retaining tube during normal rowing . The major concern is
the lace squeeze mechanism at the base of the hook these can break when up
side down in the water and cause great difficulty in extracting the feet
from the shoes.

British rowing's safety Adviser , Clive Killick, has put out the following
advice for owners of these boats

"My advice is that all control commission checks should look very carefully
at these boats and if there is any doubt about the heel restraint mechanism,
they should require additional laces to be added."



CUCBC Safety Adviser
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