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Julian Granger-Bevan julian at cucbc.org
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I have about 600 odd photos of the bumps from Weds, Fri and Sat, which I
would like to offer to those involved.. some are stunning, some are very
good, all offer something. (I have a pro camera, I take good images :-) I
can send you a few.

I was proposing to make a couple of Cds (~300 pics of mens, ~300 pics of
womens) and offer them at £5  each if that's OK, I don't want to make money
but cover effort and costs. Each image will be at reduced size, one for
e-mail and one for i-phone.

I have no idea how many folk might want them - anything from 60 if each
college crew had one, to 1000 if every individual had one.. so might it be
possible for crews to each send me a list of those who would like one, do
you think, then I can prepare?

I'm still processing them atm but will send you a few samples probably later
today or tomorrow.

(I asked Derek O'Brien and he suggested sending the e-mail to you - see


David Betts

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Date: 14 June 2010 13:52
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Hi David,

There's nothing wrong with what you have proposed.  Send an e-mail to the
captains' list and contacts' list at <captains at lists.cucbc.org> and <
contacts at lists.cucbc.org> and once it has passed moderation, it will be sent
out to all the captains and contacts who have subscribed to CUCBC e-mail.

Best wishes,
Derek O'Brien
CUCBC Secretary
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