[CUCBC Captains] Bumps: Saturday Notes and Fines

Julian Granger-Bevan julian at cucbc.org
Sun Jun 13 13:10:19 BST 2010

Dear all,

The notes and fines from today. Results are now available online on
the CUCBC website.




There are toilets located at several points on the course, including
at Chesterton and Baitsbite. There is really no need to expose
yourself on the towpath.

As we get towards the busier end of the week, please remember to
collect any litter (especially bottles) and to keep bank parties to a
maximum of 4.

Also, this shouldn't need saying, but there have been complaints about
the manner in which some people are interacting with members of the
public. Please try to cycle safely, and if you do get in somebody's
way, apologise before going on.


Christs M5: Late Acknowledgement. £20
Girton M4: Failure to Easy. £20
Kings M4: Late Acknowledgement. £20
Pembroke M7: Late to hold it up. Warning
Pembroke M5: Dropped bung, no advantage. £15
Kings M3: Excessive bank party. £15
Kings W1: Excessive bank party. £15
Pembroke W2: Excessive bank party. £15
Trinity Hall W1: Dropped bung, no advantage. £15
Churchill M2: Serious failure to clear. £50
Anglia Ruskin W2: Excessive bank party. £15
LMBC W2: Dropped bung, no advantage. £15
Robinson M1: Excessive bank party. £15
Caius: Late Marshal. £5
Emmanuel: No Marshal. £15
Jesus M1: Failure to concede. £20
Pembroke M1: Foul and abusive language. £10
Christs M1: Excessive bank party. £15
St. Catharines W1: Excessive bank party. £15
Trinity Hall W3: Dropped bung, advantage but bumped anyway. £15
Jesus M4: Late Acknowledgement. £20
Christs M3: Failure to easy. £30

Multiple male rowers: Exposure in front of umpires. Forfeiture of equipment.

In addition, the following apply to the racing on Wednesday and were
accidentally omitted from the email yesterday:

Corpus Christi M1: Excessive bank party. £15
Jesus M3: Dangerous Coxing. £40
Hughes Hall / Lucy Cavendish W1: Excessive bank party. £15
Sidney Sussex: No marshal (1st offence). £15
Emmanuel W2: Celebration before clearing / failure to clear. £20
St. Edmunds M1: Illegal crew member. £10

To appeal any of these fines, please email Dr. Holly Hedgeland
(seniortreasurer at cucbc.org) within 48 hours of this email being sent.

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