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Derek O'Brien cuwbc at cucbc.org
Wed Nov 18 12:59:26 GMT 2009

Dear Captains, Contacts, and Coxes,

This is notification that the early morning 2 boat rule (rule 8 of
Restrictions on Use of the river, below) is coming into effect beginning
Monday, 16th November until further notice.  This is due to the high amount
of traffic that the Cam has seen in the past week.  Please see below for a
copy of this rule.

8 a) That the CUCBC Executive Committee shall introduce restrictions on the
number of boats that may be on the water *between Lighting Down and
0830hrs*on Mondays to Fridays in Full Michaelmas and Lent Terms as
necessary. These
restrictions will be enforced by the Early Morning Marshals.

8 b) That on the date from which restrictions are introduced until further
notice, each College Club will only be permitted to have* two boats on the
river at any one time in the restricted period.*

8 c) That this rule will apply to IVs and VIIIs but not to singles, pairs or
tubs and will only apply during the hours stated above.

8 d) That fines for a breach of this rule will accrue to the Club, rather
than the crew concerned and that any Club in breach of this rule will be
fined £50 for a first offence, £100 for a second offence, a training ban of
one week for the whole Club for a third offence and disqualification from
all events organised or insured by CUCBC (including the Lent Bumping Races)
in that Term for any subsequent offence.

8 e) That the normal appeal procedures will apply to penalties incurred as a
result of breaching these rules.

Derek O'Brien
CUWBC Secretary
CUCBC Secretary
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