[CUCBC Captains] Lower Boats' Captains' Course - Monday 5th October

H. Hedgeland hh242 at cam.ac.uk
Mon Jun 15 11:02:56 BST 2009

Dear All,


The Georgina has one scheduled outing today.  She is due to leave
Jesus Lock at 1930hrs, but I will ask the Skipper to delay setting off
by five or ten minutes so that M1 is over before she gets to
Chesterton.  I will obviously keep the Skipper informed during the day
of any delays to the races, or re-rows scheduled for after M1.


One of the Chesterton marshals reported yesterday that there were
several crews which, in his view, had insecurely fitted bowballs.
Whilst I have said that fines should not be issued for this, you need
to remember that the bow ball is a very important part of safety
equipment and that the only fatality in Bumps (which happened over a
century ago) would probaby not have happened had bow balls been in use
in those days.  Please bear in mind that a bow ball can be loosened
after a bump or a crash into the bank and so you should check it
before you set out from the boathouse each day, just as you would get
the crew to check riggers, nuts, footplates etc.  If you have any
doubt at all, get your boatman to check it.  It is in no one's
interest to run the risk of injury to other competitors, or damage to
boats as a result of a loose bowball.  Remember too that, if the Chief
Umpire or one of his deputies rules that the bow ball is not properly
fitted, and this cannot be repaired before the start, you will not be
allowed to race.

Fines will continue to be issued for any boat arriving at Chesterton
without a bow ball, of course.


Ian Thompson
Senior Treasurer, CUCBC
King's College
Cambridge CB2 1ST

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