[CUCBC Captains] Friday notes and fines

Thomas Walton cuwbc at cucbc.org
Sat Jun 13 08:59:10 BST 2009

Dear all,

Thanks for another good day of racing. A few notes and fines as usual (below). Friday's 
start order is attached.




- We do not own the tow path - please allow room for members of the public. If you knock 
someone from their bike on the tow path, please stop and apologise - this is basic 
courtesy. Fines will be used if persons are observed acting irresponsibly in this way.

- Cyclists who are cycling with a division count as part of a crew's bank party - even 2 
lengths behind the crew. Remember that VIP tickets are included in the total of 4 persons 


Anglia Ruskin	W1	£15	Dropped bung (no advantage)
Caius		M1	£15	Excess bank party
Christ's	M5	£15	Excess bank party
Christ's	W1	£15	Excess bank party
Clare		M1	£15	Excess bank party
Emmanuel	M3	£20	Ignoring marshalling instructions (practice starts)
Emmanuel		£15	Failure to provide marshal
Fitzwilliam	M1	£15	Excess bank party
Girton		M3	£50	No life jacket
Homerton	W2	£20	Failure to clear
Hughes Hall / Lucy Cavendish	£15	Failure to provide marshal
Jesus		M1	£20	Late Acknowledgement (Wednesday)
Lady Margaret	M1	£15	Excess bank party
Lady Margaret	W1	£15	Excess bank party
Murray Edwards	W1	£15	Dropped bung (no advantage)
Peterhouse	W1	£15	Excess bank party
Robinson		£15	Failure to provide marshal
Sidney Sussex	M1	£15	Excess bank party
St Catherine's	W2	£30	Ignoring marshalling instructions
Trinity Hall	M3	£50	No bow ball

Christ's	M5		Doing more work than necessary - lending Girton III a life jacket prior to 
bumping them
Caius		M1		Trespassing on Lady Margaret Lane
St Catherine's	M1		Loose chat cannon

Any appeals on fines should be sent to Ian Thompson (seniortreasurer at cucbc.org), and these 
will be dealt with after bumps has finished.
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