[CUCBC Captains] Flags and other issues

PETER CONVEY peter.convey at btinternet.com
Mon Oct 20 09:18:52 BST 2008

Captains, please forward this to anyone who will be an early morning marshal
in the near future.

Instructions for Early Morning Marshals are on the website and in the
clipboard you pick up at Goldie.  However, a few things need to be cleared

   1. Location: the instruction sheets give rough locations for Marshal 1
   and Marshal 2.  To clarify, we would prefer if, at lighting down, Marshal 1
   was near King's/Churchill/Selwyn boathouse and Marshal 2 was near
   Clare/Pembroke/Emma boathouses to monitor boating times.  After the initial
   rush of crews at lighting down, Marshal 1 should move to the area
   surrounding the gate to Stourbridge Common (including on towards Chesterton
   footbridge) and Marshal 2 to around King's/Churchill/Selwyn boathouse.  Keep
   moving around during your shift though.
   2. Marshals should be competent and should know most colleges' blade
   colours.  If you don't recognise some blades, try using the code on the boat
   or the colour of kit.  If you still don't know then describe the blade
   colours and I'll work it out.  *Don't* do as this morning's marshal did
   and "miss out a couple I didn't recognise" (though if you know they're
   "town" boats then do ignore them).
   3. *Don't* write down boats coming back *unless* you didn't see them go
   out at all *or* they're causing an accident/being too noisy/breaking some
   other rule.
   4. *Do* write down University crews (although they will be leaving for
   Ely in the next few weeks).
   5. *Do* write down the size of boat (1x/2x/4+/8+/etc) - not all the
   sheets say to do this but it is helpful for me.
   6. *Do* be reasonably detailed with your notes - if crews are noisy,
   report them.  If they're extremely noisy, say that.  *Don't* be lazy and
   leave the notes column blank on every single boat - is it not a boring job
   with lots of time to kill anyway?!  Amusing comments are appreciated in
   7. *Do* report any coaches accompanying boats before 7.30am, whether they
   are coaching or not.  If they are coaching, tell them (quietly) to stop (and
   report it on your sheet).
   8. Do remember the early morning restrictions (rule 8) will only be
   brought in when we consider traffic to require it.  The commencement of any
   restrictions will be announced on the website and by email to all mailing

Thank you for your help in making this system work.

CUCBC Secretary
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