[CUCBC Captains] Trailing to HORR IVs; 8th November

Stephen Ryan magdalene.captain at cucbc.org
Sun Oct 19 10:55:53 BST 2008

Dear Captains,

Sorry for a very boring email.  Every day I receive lovely Early
Morning Marshal reports and each time a handful of boats have no
alphanumeric registration codes listed.  This is a breach of Cam
Conservancy byelaws as well as Safety Regulation 6 (
http://www.cucbc.org/handbook/safety ).  (To avoid any doubt, the
Safety Regulations do have the full force of the Rules of the River,
and were listed with them in previous versions of the Handbook).  No
action will be taken against offending crews at the moment but I
strongly advise you to number all your boats as described in the
Handbook.  (Please note that numbers should be applied near the bow of
the boat.)  Two-letter codes (e.g. JE9) should also be replaced by
six-character codes (e.g. JEC809) - this is strongly encouraged by the
Cam Conservators.

Unlabelled boats may be disqualified from Uni IVs and will certainly
be penalised at Fours Head of the River on the Tideway.  Labelling
boats correctly will also reduce the risk of an fine being issued to
the wrong club.

I know of two suppliers of numbers if sourcing them is a problem for any club.

CUCBC Secretary

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