[CUCBC Captains] Novices in early mornings

Thomas Walton cuwbc at cucbc.org
Wed Oct 22 11:26:18 BST 2008

Things to do for Uni IVs:

   1. Enter your crews by 23.45 *tomorrow*, including crew details please.
   2. Get cheques to Ian Thompson at King's College by Monday (preferably
   3. Ensure your boats meet the usual CUCBC/ARA requirements in terms of
   bowballs, heel restraints, boat codes, etc.
   4. If you need to scratch, tell me immediately!  The draw cannot be
   changed once published and it is unfair on the rest of the competitors if
   you could have told me earlier.  If you cannot avoid scratching afterwards
   then again email me immediately so I can give your competitors warning.

Remember there will be no changes to the race timetable for any clashes - by
entering, boats are committed to racing as and when required.  Races will
start no earlier than 2pm and will finish before 4.45pm each day.  The draw
will be published as soon as possible after all entry fees are received.

Please ask any questions sooner rather than later...

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