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Duncan Holland duncan at cubc.org.uk
Wed Jan 23 08:27:26 GMT 2008

Dear Captains,

there has been a serious lack of early morning marshals this week. May I
remind you that the fine for not providing a marshal is £25 for a first
offence, rising to £50 for a second offence; I'm sure you have better things
to do with this money! What is more, the marshals have an important job to
do in ensuring that early morning rowing can continue, so they work for
everyone's benefit. This week there should be marshals from LMBC and SIdney,
1st and 3rd and Pembroke, Caius and Queens. Emma and Girton and Downing and
Newnham. PLEASE check Appendix E of the handbook and ensure you send
someone. There are clear instructions as to what they have to do round the
back of Goldie in the folders on the pigeonholes.

I know it's wet and cold, but at least it's not early yet...

Ellie Goodfield
CUWBC hon sec
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