[CUCBC Captains] Bedford trailering?

Dave White dew27 at cam.ac.uk
Wed Jan 23 12:55:06 GMT 2008

Dear all,

this morning there were two marshals and most of you had lights that worked!

A few points though - please make sure relevant coaches etc know about them.

1. lights must be white, constant, visible and, crucially, switched on! If
you discover the batteries have gone just before lighting down then you'll
just have to wait another 15 minutes or run and get some batteries.

2. the residents along the Cam do not all set their alarm clocks for 7.25 so
as to be fully awake when you all start screaming at7.30. It is an arbitrary
cut off before which you should be very quiet, and coaches silent, and after
which you should be sensitive to the fact that many of the boats and houses
are very close to you! We do NOT want to lose morning rowing.

3. Several boats attempted to spin at the bottom of the reach, virtually on
Ditton corner. PLEASE bear in mind that there is currently more stream than
we're used to, and make sure you're nowhere near the corner when you start
to spin as it is dangerous and causes carnage. Speak to your coxes about

4. If there are crews wishing to overtake you on the reach please pull over
close to the bank; you do not need to be in the middle of the river.
Overtaking crews, if there is not space to overtake, even if it's because
the crew ahead won't move over, just don't try it. Again, extremely

That's all. Hope you enjoyed the lack of wind this morning!

CUWBC hon sec
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