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Paul Thomas pht23 at cam.ac.uk
Tue Jan 22 20:05:49 GMT 2008

Dear All,

A few reminders for the start of term and in preparation for boat density
roughly equivalent to sky scrapers in Singapore:

1)  The one way system is not in operation. For the avoidance of doubt,
there is now an indicator on the website, just below the flag, to tell you
that it's not in operation. Hopefully it's going to stay that way. As far as
I know there will be no one way system in the Lent term. If for any reason
(I can't think of one) it needs to be introduced, we will let you know, by
email and by advertising it on the website. If you hear nothing, there is no
one way system - you can do what you like (within reason...).

1a) We've also added an indicator for weekend rowing rules, so that there's
no doubt over when you can row at weekends.

2) Please stop making up rules. This is a new and very special problem.... I
have absolutely no idea why you would want to invent for yourself any more
rules than we already have. If you want more rules, I'm sure the Captains
will make you some more, but at least tell the rest of us and give us a
chance before attempting to enforce them.... Colourful new "additions" to
the handbook I've heard of this week include:

a) One way system to Ditton! (did you not hate the Michaelmas term one
b) Only spinning between imaginary posts somewhere on the course (again, if
you'd like to tell the rest of us where they are....)
c) UFOs allowed to enter the Lent bumps

Seriously - the handbook is a big document, but the rules themselves are a
tiny tiny section (the rest is all constitutions, regs for races, maps
etc)....please read them, the vast majority of them are obvious. It's
available on the website.

3) Although you can row up and down as you like, you still have to:

a) Row on the correct side of the river
b) Make a decent attempt to pull into the bank if you stop for coaching/kit
removal/re-invention of the wheel etc.
c) Behave safely, including not spinning in front of oncoming crews - top
marks to Pembroke for attempting to take out your ex-captain rowing in
another crew - please stop!
d) Use lights if appropriate....whichever college you're from!
e) Not boat early....see above.

Questions, comments, offers to buy me a Ferrari, hit reply.

CUBC Honorary Secretary
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