[CUCBC Captains] Coxes meetings

Dave White coxing at cucbc.org
Fri Feb 22 20:49:30 GMT 2008

Dear Captains,

No doubt you will have seen the weather forecast for tomorrow.  It's not
pretty but it's not terrible either and with a bit of common sense and help
the whole afternoon can go off without a hitch.  CUCBC will be providing the
start/finish marshals, static marshals through the corners in case of
carnage, as well as someone to aid marshalling the men on the Reach.
However, it would be most useful if you had at least one person bankpartying
each of your crews so they can help us pull boats in for marshalling or to
help out if a boat crashes and risks impeding the river.  Do warn your coxes
about spinning in the wind (i.e. get it done quickly and if there's a raging
tailwind, then you'll have to spin earlier to account for the drift etc).

Good luck!


Dave White
CUCBC Coxing Rep
coxing at cucbc.org
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