[CUCBC Captains] Agenda for captains meeting, Sunday 7.30pm

Laura Sutcliffe cubc at cucbc.org
Fri Feb 22 23:59:36 GMT 2008

can I plead once more for your cooperation and support.  I have received
several official complaints today about excessive cox box use a Chesterton,
noise at the Plough and noise at Grassy.  The result is that one person as
contacted the Police and the County Council for advice and has been told
that if it persists, they would have grounds to lodge a formal complaint
against the University and the Conservators are asking for a meeting to
discuss the situation as one complainant who contacted them about issues at
Chesterton has video footage to back up his complaint.

We are, as you know, discussing how to restrict the number of crews on the
river in the early morning.  At this rate the discussion will be academic as
we could all be safely tucked up in bed having been banned from using the
river before 8am.

PLEASE take this seriously and be as quiet as church mice above the bridge
before 7.30am, and around the Plough and Grassy until at least that time on
your earlies over the rest of this term.  Cox boxes should only be used to
give necessary, minimal instructions and megaphones are best left in the
BH.  In addition, coaches swearing like troopers is a VERY bad idea -
especially if members of the public could be led to think they are being
sworn at.  And no, this is not all from the lady at Grassy corner.  It is a
year or so since we've come this close to trouble over the noise issue, but
we are close to the wire today and I have no idea what to do about it if
CUCBC's clubs will not cooperate...


Ian Thompson
Senior Treasurer, CUCBC
King's College
Cambridge CB2 1ST
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