[CUCBC Captains] Lent Bumps - Programmes and GoR Results

Will Richards will at cucbc.org
Fri Feb 22 17:25:32 GMT 2008

Hi there,

I'm taking up Ian's offer of doing bung starts from the lock and will be 
down there this weekend complete with pole for pushing off and everything. 
My plan is to be at station 10 between 1330 and 1530 on Saturday and again 
between 1230 and 1430 on Sunday.

I've chosen 10 because it leaves crews waiting to start out of the way of 
the corner and plenty of room for other crews to go by.

I'm happy to push out for other crews (or time if someone else needs to 
practise pushing out) - Just introduce yourselves as you head down towards 
the lock and we'll fit you in.

Raf Wyatt

Boat Club Manager
Lady Margaret Boat Club

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