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Dave White coxing at cucbc.org
Thu Feb 21 16:44:42 GMT 2008

Dear All,

As we head at an alarming rate towards Lents, there are a couple of things I
need to remind you of.

First, the perennial noise problem.  Official complaint received by the
Conservators at 0700hrs this morning about loud cox boxes being used at
Chesterton (new TTs boatyard).  I am checking the Marshals reports to see
who this was but please all remember that noise should be kept to a minimum
at this section of the river.  I have better things to do with my time than
spend it dealing with complaints that this rule has been ignored (again!).

Secondly, you are all aware that bung starts can only be practised outside
the boathouses on Monday and Tuesday of next week (although there is nothing
to stop you taking a bung downstream and practising in the loch between now
and then).  It is obviously important that crews know what to do to start a
bumps race - but this does not mean that you can simply hold up everyone
else on the river because you have decided to do a series of them and ignore
the build up of traffic behind you, especially on the reach.  The same
applies to rowing with less than all VIII on Long reach.  So, for the rest
of this week, could you please make sure that everyone knows that:

1.  Between the P & E and the Motorway Bridge you must row continuously,
with full crew, unless it is unsafe to do so or if you are doing a standing
2.  If you are doing a start (or a series of starts), you can only do so if
this will not impede other crews.  Let people come by if you're working on
your start technique, rather than going through the whole thing while an jam
develops behind you and people get cross. (And then e-mail me to tell me
they're cross!!)  In my experience, starts are best done at the Railway
Bridge, followed by a good bit of work going down the reach, and at the
Motoroway Bridge, doing the same through Long reach, on the way upstream.
It is sometimes possible to get a cheeky one in at the Plough, traffic
3.  Spinning at Ditton is NOT advisable this week.  Not only do you run the
risk of being sliced through if a crew is racing down the Plough and round
Ditton, but it also adds to the general congestion on the Reach.

Three simple things which, if  we all adhere to them, might just help
everyone prepare for next week more effectively, keep people calm and sweet,
and keep my inbox free of complaints.  Hope springs eternal......


Ian Thompson
Senior Treasurer, CUCBC
King's College
Cambridge CB2 1ST 

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