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Ian Thompson seniortreasurer at cucbc.org
Wed Feb 20 09:15:00 GMT 2008

Dear Boat Club Captains

Could you please forward this to your clubs
Thank you.
Laura Bierer

This year Cardinals fancy dress Regatta takes place on the 9th Thursday of 
Lent term, the day after lectures end for most people. This is the 13th 
March, 2008 (which happens to be my 21st birthday).

The race course is short - approximately 500m long from the bottom of the 
reach to the Pink House. The regatta will be run as a knockout competition 
with crews racing alongside each other at each stage. It should however be 
kept in mind that Cardinals is not about rowing fast, it is about fun.

There will be two classes to enter, fun VIII's and fun VI's. Wherever 
possible, crews should be half male and half female. Everyone is welcome - 
colleges, departments, societies or town crews - there are no restrictions. 
You do not have to have much rowing experience, everyone who has at least 
noviced is welcome to participate.

The winner of the fun VIII's will win the Cardinals' trophy. In addition to 
prizes for rowing fast, the best prize will go to the best fancy dress and 
any fully dressed up crew will get a head start in their races! The more 
insane your costume the better! This race is not about rowing seriously, it 
is about fun, so any crew turning up in lycra will be at disadvantage.

A very important part of Cardinals' is bribery. If you've done well in 
other races because of your superb rowing technique and hours of training, 
it may be time to rethink your strategy. The more marshals you bribe, the 
more likely you are to get a head start...

All in all, Cardinals' is a great chance to dress up, bribe people and row 
for fun in the same boat as members of the opposite sex! (Though we do 
recommend equal numbers of male and female bow and stroke-siders otherwise 
there might be a few problems with straight lines.)

Spectators are more than welcome and you'll be able to get a good view 
either side of the reach.

For further information, please contact Laura Bierer (lcb43), the regatta's 
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