[CUCBC Coxes] Tideway coxing (WEHoRR & ManHoRR)

Isabel Nimmo izzy at cucbc.org
Thu Feb 23 12:07:39 GMT 2023

Dear college captains and coxes,

This is only really of interest to those of you planning to race WEHoRR or
ManHoRR. Apologies to everyone else.

Ro Thompson has agreed to run a briefing for any interested coxes on the
1st of March (next Wednesday) at 7:30pm. The briefing will be online and a
link circulated closer to the time. Racing on the Tideway is not like the
Cam - the stream makes positioning of your shell much more important when
racing, and marshalling is considerably more complex (though no less
chaotic...) I can thoroughly recommend this talk to anyone, whether they've
raced on the Tideway before or not.

Ro has been coxing for nearly 20 years, including three years training on
the Tideway with Vesta Rowing Club based in Putney. She has four
Tideway pennants,
three from WeHORR and one from HORR. Whilst as Vesta she coxed the top
womens crew to 3rd and 4th place in WeHORR and raced twice in the elite
womens 8s event at Henley Royal Regatta. So she is very well placed to
offer guidance on handling racing on the Thames.

I will absolutely be attending, and I'd strongly urge any college coxes
planning to race this year to come along too.

Best wishes,

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