[CUCBC Coxes] Wednesday Results and Notes & Fines

Felicity Parker felicity at cucbc.org
Wed Feb 26 22:37:38 GMT 2020

 Dear all,

The results of today’s racing are now available here:

Notes from the Umpires

   - Coxes must keep an eye on what's going on more than one boat in front
   of them; having a rough idea of what's going on behind is also a good idea,
   especially when deciding which side to clear to after bumping/being bumped.
   - Bank parties are strictly limited to four cyclists. Bank parties are
   responsible for ensuring other cyclists do not join their crews.
   - If your crew have caught a boat stopping crab, and the boat behind is
   very close, coxes can and should concede early to help ensure the boat
   behind hold it up early. Of course, the cox of the crew behind should be
   holding it up anyway to avoid a collision with a stationary crew.
   - Bank parties must not tell other crews to concede. Further
   infringements will result in heavy fining and removal from the towpath.
   - Coxes should listen for instructions from the bank after bumping/being
   - Crews should be back in boats by the time the previous division is
   racing past them.
   - Crews which bump out before the Railway Bridge must stop on the Reach
   and pull in to the towpath side until the next division has rowed past.
   - Crews are encouraged to row down to the start much faster as we are
   losing time even without rerows.


   - Fitzwilliam W2 - Excessive bank party (Tuesday) - £30
   - Christ's - Failure to provide a marshal - £15
   - CUCBC - Committee member "stepping in river" in non-waterproof
   footwear - Seek advice from Magdalene M2
   - Darwin W2 - Extremely dangerous coxing - £75
   - Emmanuel M1 - Excessive bank party - £30
   - Emmanuel W1 - Failure to stop on Reach after bumping out - Warning
   - Homerton W2 - Very slow to clear - £40
   - Homerton W2 - Early celebration - £30
   - Jesus - Failure to provide a marshal - £15
   - Jesus W1 - Excessive bank party - £30
   - LMBC M1 - Illegal practice start - £15
   - Magdalene M1 - Attempting to influence and intimidate umpire, while
   unaware of the definition of a bump - £30
   - Magdalene M2 - Sharing the enlightening wisdom that "the river is wet"
   - Compile handbook of rowing wisdoms for use in future pre-Bumps briefings
   - Robinson M2 - Total failure to clear - £75
   - St Edmund's - Failure to provide a marshal (Tuesday) - £15

All fines can be appealed by e-mailing Dan Wilkins, CUCBC Senior Treasurer (
seniortreasurer at cucbc.org), within 48 hours of this email being sent.

Best wishes,

Felicity Parker
CUCBC Executive Committee
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