[CUCBC Coxes] Tuesday Results and Notes & Fines

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Tue Feb 25 22:31:04 GMT 2020

Dear all,

The results of today’s racing are now available here: http://www.cucbc.org/lents <http://www.cucbc.org/lents>

Notes from the Umpires​

It is not necessary to hold it up after completing an overtake bump. Instead, just wind down and pull in.
Crews should carry on rowing upon being bumped until they are clear of the bumping boat. Failure to do so puts your own cox in danger.
It is the responsibility of all coxes to know where their finish is, and ensure they wind down once their whole boat has passed it. This is of upmost importance at Top Finish, and under no circumstances should any crew be racing into the Green Dragon footbridge.
Could all cyclists please be considerate of other towpath users. There isn't a towpath closure; we need to share it with commuters, dog walkers, etc.

Corpus W1 - Incredibly slow to clear - £40
Corpus W2 - Easying upon being bumped - £40
Corpus - Failure to provide a marshal - £15
Emmanuel M2 - Failure to hold it up - £30
Homerton - Failure to provide a marshal - £15
LMBC M2 - Illegal practice start - £15
Magdalene W1 - Dropped bung, no advantage - £15
Selwyn - Failure to provide a marshal - £15
All fines can be appealed by e-mailing Dan Wilkins, CUCBC Senior Treasurer (seniortreasurer at cucbc.org <mailto:seniortreasurer at cucbc.org>), within 48 hours of this email being sent.

Best wishes,
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