[CUCBC Coxes] Last reminder: cox briefings - Lents 2020

Isabel Nimmo izzy at cucbc.org
Sat Feb 22 20:41:57 GMT 2020

Dear Captains and Coxes,

The cox safety briefings for Lent Bumps will be held in the QB Lecture
Theatre in Emmanuel college on Sunday 23rd - i.e. tomorrow. If you show up
at the p'lodge a couple of minutes early then it's well signposted from
there (or just follow the crowds of small people in boaty stash). The
Senior briefing will be held at 19:15, and the Novice briefing will be held
at 19:45 (and should be done by 20:30). Anyone planning to cox, even if as
a substitute, needs to be briefed as set out below.

*Novice coxes* (defined as those who have not competed *as a cox* in a set
of CUCBC* run bumps before) must attend in person, unless they receive
prior permission to miss it from the CUCBC Safety Officer.

*Senior coxes* (those who have competed as a cox before) may be represented
by another *senior *cox, provided that representative signs in and
undertakes to brief them in turn before the start of racing.

*Bank party, rowers, coaches* - you're all very welcome to come along too.
Many of you have been doing this far longer than I, but if you're new to
bumps and want an idea of what your cox is (*or maybe should...*) be doing,
it's a big lecture theatre. Feel free to join in!

Best wishes,


* CUCBC rules are somewhat different to CRA, Torpids, Eights and Oxford
town bumps, so I'm afraid they don't count.
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