[CUCBC Coxes] Lent Bumps Umpires - second call

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Thu Feb 13 16:51:44 GMT 2014

Dear all,

I'd just like to remind you that we're still looking to recruit umpires for
this year's Lent Bumps. In particular, there are several spaces in the
earlier divisions on Tuesday to Friday.

If you have haven't quite got round to signing up yet, now is your time to
do so - it only takes a couple of minutes to fill the form in and you
really wouldn't want to miss out on the free dinner would you?

Captains - do encourage people in your clubs who haven't umpired before to
give it a go. Not only does providing umpires reduce the number of marshals
required of you for bumps, but people with experience of helping to run
races can be very handy if your club organises a race, as well as for

No umpiring experience is necessary, just experience of rowing/coxing in
two sets of bumps. The umpires meeting is currently scheduled for Sunday
23rd February @ 17:30 in Robinson College Umney Theatre and should last
about half an hour.

The sign-up form is here: http://www.cucbc.org/lents/umpires/signup

Any questions, contact me at events at cucbc.org

Philip Garsed

CUCBC Events Secretary

events at cucbc.org

P.S. If anyone would just like to volunteer to just help umpire the Getting
on Race on Friday 21st, please get in touch
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