[CUCBC Coxes] Wolfson College are looking for a cox or two...

R.H. Williams rhw38 at cam.ac.uk
Wed Apr 22 15:13:34 BST 2009

Dear all lonely coxes out there,

Wolfson boat club are rather desperately seeking coxes for our boats. We
have at least 4x men's boats and currently 1x women's boat but insufficient
coxes to spread between them.

We were wondering if there are any coxes out there who are willing to cox 
for Wolfson? We are holding a Wolfson Easter event this SATURDAY 25TH APRIL 
at Wolfson boathouse. If you want to meet members of WCBC before 
considering trying an outing with us then please come along. We will have a 
BBQ, tubbing and other activities- along with a boat naming ceremony.

Any interested parties please email me (rhw38 at cam.ac.uk) or I'll be around 
all day Saturday at the boathouse(12-4pm) or in Wolfson Clubroom for the 
evening (9-midnight) if you want to introduce yourself and ask questions.


[W1 Boat captain]

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