[CUCBC Coxes] Coxing Rep 09-10 & a few start of term things

Mark Stringer coxing at cucbc.org
Mon Apr 20 22:35:38 BST 2009

Dear Coxes,


Welcome back for the summer term.  At the end of this term, I will be
stepping down as Coxing Representative on the CUCBC committee and am
therefore looking for people interested in taking on the job next year.


Like most of the other roles on the committee, the coxing rep. helps out
with some of the general CUCBC stuff, especially running the events
throughout the year.  

The coxing rep. is then also responsible for running the coxing talks at the
start of the year.  These are delivered to all new coxes and also the new
Lower Boats Officers (at separate events), where the aim is to cover some of
the basics of what a cox will need to know (ie, basic boat handling and
rules of the river, etc).  You will also be responsible for giving the
pre-bumps safety talks to both novice and experienced coxes.

The coxing rep. also deals with coxing related queries which come in to the
committee and looks to find ways to improve the level of coxing in


I think ideally the coxing rep would have 2 or more years of coxing
experience, though that is by no means a pre-requisite.  You will however
need to have a fair grasp of the college rowing system, especially bumps.


In terms of electing the new Coxing Rep, we'll follow the same procedure as
previous years, namely that we will have a brief hustings between the novice
and senior coxing meetings before May bumps, after which the new Coxing Rep
will be decided by the coxes present.  


If you are interested in standing, please send in a short manifesto (less
than 1 A4 page) before the 29th May.  If you want to know more about the
job, get in touch and I'll be more than happy to discuss the role with you.



Lastly, a few start of term things:  

When you go out in the mornings, if it looks like there could be low
visibility, then take lights with you as a precaution, even if it is after
lighting down.  This should stop being a problem in a couple of weeks, but
there was a bit of light fog this morning.


If you go out for an early, be aware that noise MUST be kept to a minimum
before 7:30, and coaches may not use megaphones at all before this time.


As lighting up gets late enough to allow outings after Men's/Women's hour,
you will need to take lights with you if you are likely to be on the water
within 15 minutes of lighting up.



Happy Coxing



CUCBC Coxing Representative


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