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Hi everyone, 

Rebecca Dowbiggin (Last year's blue boat cox) is going to run a coxing
clinic just before 4s head in London - see her email below.

Rebecca is asking for input as to what would be useful to cover.  If you
have any ideas, please send responses directly to her at 


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I got your e-mail address from the CUCBC website. Below is a post I just 
put on the Cambridge Rowing Messageboards - it's about a coxing clinic that 
I'm doing with Phelan Hill (GB squad cox). We'd like some feedback from 
coxes on what they'd like the clinic to cover and how. If you have some 
kind of coxes e-mail list, could you forward the message to it? Thanks very 

Rebecca Dowbiggin


We - Rebecca Dowbiggin (CUBC cox) and Phelan Hill (GB squad cox) - are 
currently organising a coxing clinic to be held in London on the night 
before the 4s head. There will be 2 clinics, one aimed at Tideway 
beginners/novices and one aimed at more experienced Tideway coxes. The 
clinics will cover general Tideway boatmanship (i.e. how to manoeuvre the 
boat on a river with strong stream), rules and safety, steering (including 
video footage of the racing line and photos of landmarks), overtaking/being 
overtaken procedure, and how to structure your race calls.

We are still working out some of the details at the moment, but we intend 
to send out publicity for this event soon.

The reason for this post is to ask for some input into the content and 
format of the clinic. Please post below any ideas or questions you have, 
anything you think it would be useful for us to cover, or suggestions for 
how we can best convey information to you. Thanks!

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