[CUCBC Contacts] Emma Sprints rules update

Daniil Soloviev ebcvice at gmail.com
Sat Nov 13 18:25:18 GMT 2021

Dear Captains,

This will be my last mass email to the mailing lists.

I've had a few different colleges email me asking about what to do if they
don't have enough novice coxes. After discussion with our boatman, we have
decided that in the interest of safety, *if you don't have enough (safe)
novice coxes for your boats, senior coxes will be allowed to cox instead*.
I hope I can trust everyone not to abuse this loosening of the rules, and
to remember that the primary purpose of Sprints is to be a fun introduction
to racing for novices.

Please pass this information on to your LBCs, and remind them to sign up
by 16:00 this Sunday if they haven't already done so. Please also make sure
you pay as soon as possible, since if the race is oversubscribed, places
for second and lower novice boats will be allocated in order of when we
receive your payment.

Looking forward to seeing all your novices in their best costumes next

*Daniil Soloviev*Vice-Captain 2021–2022
Emmanuel Boat Club
Phone: +447831875751
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