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Dear All,

Cantabrigian RC is an open town club that offers opportunities for coxes
and coaches, as well as rowers, to develop themselves in a challenging and
supportive environment.

The Cantabs women's programme is particularly successful, both in terms of
race wins and personal development. As a result, we are regarded as the
best club for women's rowing in the region, with athletes travelling from
as far as Bedford, Ipswich and Stamford to train with us.

At Cantabs, there are a number of opportunities available to college
athletes and coaches who want to develop their skills (as well as
recent graduates no longer eligible to race for their college).

[image: BUMPSCHART.jpg]

Our expert coaches - who have won and been shortlisted for British Rowing
and other coaching awards - are happy to share best practice with others
from across the region, regularly mentor others and run shadowing sessions.
Cantabs also runs regular coaching workshops, which will take place online
for the time being.

If you are a current or prospective coach who is interested in developing
your skills, even if you want to continue coaching at another club rather
than at Cantabs, our coaches would be more than happy to help.

As well as coach development, we provide cox development opportunities
which are led by experienced coxes and coaches including those who have
coxed boat races, as well as those who have extensive experience coxing on
the Tideway or at Henley. This applies to everyone from very inexperienced
coxes (or rowers wanting to learn to cox), to experienced coxes looking for
a new challenge.

If you are a cox who wants to try and get some more water time to get more
experience in a bid to make your college crew as successful as possible,
our coaches, coxes and squads would be more than happy to help. Cantabs has
a lot of squads (in Town Bumps last year we had 27 crews entered!), many of
whom will be more than happy to accommodate an extra cox on an occasional
or regular basis. This could also include racing experience with Cantabs
crews either on or off-Cam.

Coxes are also welcome to the Cantabs coaching workshops, with segments of
those sessions dedicated to the coxing side of a particular topic.

As an open town club, Cantabs welcomes rowers from all backgrounds and this
includes current Cambridge University students. If any rowers find that
their lab schedules or other commitments prevent them from rowing with
their college crew, there will almost certainly be opportunities at Cantabs
to find a squad which has outing times which suit. This year, there are
several Cantabs athletes trialling with the Cambridge lightweight men,
lightweight women and openweight women, and we welcome anyone to join
Cantabs in the holidays, if not term time, as a way of developing your
skills if you are considering trialling for the 2022 boat races or if want
to improve in general.

If you're interested in finding out more about any of these opportunities
at Cantabs, feel free to email club.captain at cantabsrowing.org.uk or contact
us through our social media channels.


*Instagram*: https://www.instagram.com/cantabsrowing/
*Facebook*: https://www.facebook.com/CantabsRowing
*Twitter*: https://twitter.com/CantabsRowing
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