[CUCBC Contacts] Extraordinary Captains' meeting via Zoom, Tuesday 22nd September

Matthew Temple matthew at cucbc.org
Sat Sep 19 19:02:35 BST 2020

Dear Captains,

In order to help answer some of the questions that have been coming our 
way, and update Captains on our understanding of current University and 
BR rules, we have decided to hold an extraordinary captains' meeting 
next Tuesday, 22nd September at 7pm BST via Zoom.

Note that this will be in addition to the usual start-of-year captains' 
meeting, which we're planning to also be held via Zoom shortly after the 
start of the Michaelmas Term.

This email is being sent to the contacts email list, to pick up any 
incoming captains who have not yet had their CUCBC email accounts handed 
over to them from their predecessors. All future communications to 
captains will be sent to their CUCBC email, including the Zoom link for 
the meeting, so please ensure that you gain access to your CUCBC email 
if you haven't already. We recommend that captains check their CUCBC 
email daily during term time, as we often sent urgent communications 
this way.

We are limited as to the total number of participants in the Zoom 
meeting, and so only two participants from each club will be allowed to 
join. Full guidance will be circulated with the Zoom link, but we will 
expect participants to change their Zoom name to represent their club 
(e.g. 'St Catharine's Men').

If anyone has anything they wish to be added to the agenda, please let 
me know.

Best wishes,

Matthew Temple
CUCBC Exec. Committee

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