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Sun Nov 12 11:38:11 GMT 2017

As a reminder, the entries for the Fairbairn Cup are due by next 
Thursday. Please see the News articles on the Fairbairn's Website 
(http://jcbc.jesus.cam.ac.uk/old/fairbairns/news.php) for Division times 
and bank details. As a reminder, crews will be entered into the 
appropriate division and those who choose to row outside of it (where 
space allows) will row for time only (Rule 7f). Updates and detailed 
information nearer the date of the races will be posted on the website 
and on the Facebook event:


**Row Zambezi at the Fairbairn Cup - Support this fantastic cause**

Reckon you could row 900 times down the Reach in 2 weeks? Well, next 
year 4 ex-Boat Race rowers will be putting themselves to the test for a 
great cause. In the summer of 2018 the Red Boat, of Row Zambezi will be 
taking on a new ‘Boat Race Challenge’ on the Kafue Expedition, rowing 
900km down the Kafue River, Zambia, in 14 days to raise money for two 
fantastic causes, Village Water and the Kafue River & Rowing Centre 

We are excited to announce that the Red Boat be joining us for an 
Exhibition Row during the Fairbairn Cup! They will be rowing at the head 
of the Senior IVs division at 14:00 on Friday 1st December.
Rowing in the Red Boat are ex-Cambridge Blue Boat rowers Fi Macklin (lwt 
2014/2016) and Luke Juckett (2014/15/16), and representing Oxford are 
Emma Spruce and Jamie Cook (2015/16/17). The vision of the expedition is 
to help provide clean water for all by raising £250,000 for Village 
Water, to provide clean and sustainable water to the Kafue Basin for the 
next 5 years while at the same time raising funds for the Kafue River & 
Rowing Centre – a joint venture between the WWF and World Rowing.

This is a fantastic cause and a great opportunity for the Cambridge 
colleges to support the Red Boat as they venture to Zambia for this epic 
challenge. If you’d like to donate to RowZambezi, please follow the link 

There are two options, to donate or to sponsor. If every participant of 
the Fairbairn Cup donated just £1, we could sponsor 100km of the row! 
Get encouraging your club to donate to this amazing cause, to help 
provide clean water to those living in the Kafue Basin, Zambia.

Keep the entries coming in!

Charlotte Jackson
Fairbairn Cup Secretary 2017
jcbc-fairbairns at jesus.cam.ac.uk

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