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Fri Jun 12 23:44:57 BST 2015

Dear all,

Thanks for another good day of racing.

The results of Thursday's racing can now be found here: http://www.cucbc.org/mays <http://www.cucbc.org/mays>

Notes from the Umpires
It is the responsibility of the bank parties to catch and pull in crews clearing to the towpath side. The umpire who has watched the bump is likely to be willing to help one of the crews but it is not their responsibility.
When crews who have bumped hold it up, it is only necessary to hold it up for long enough to separate the bow and stern. You can then start clearing. It is almost always unnecessary and often unhelpful to completely stop the boat before starting to clear.
Anglia Ruskin W1 - Failure to concede - £30
Darwin M3 - Dropped bung (no advantage) - £15
Downing M3 - Indecisive concession - Warning
First and Third M2 - Excessive bank party - £30
First and Third M3 - Late concession - £15
Fitzwilliam W2 - Excessive bank party - £30
Girton M2 - Late concession - £15
Homerton W1 - Failure to clear - £30
Jesus M1 - No lifejacket - £50
Jesus M1 - Forgot bung (no advantage) - £15
Jesus W3 - Hesitant clearing (don't hold it up for too long) - Warning
King's W1 - Failure to clear - £30
King's M2 - Easied after being bumped - Warning
LMBC M2 - Foul and abusive language / gestures from bank party - £50
Robinson M2 - Dropped bung (no advantage) - £15
Sidney Sussex W1 - Excessive bank party - £30
Sidney Sussex W1 - Bank party impeding umpires - £30
Sidney Sussex M2 - Serious failure to easy, taking five strokes into crew in front after they'd conceded - £50, and a warning that any repeat offence will get you thrown off the river
St Catharine's M2 - Late concession - £15
St Edmund's M2 - Excessive bank party - £30
Trinity Hall M1 - Failure to hold it up - £40
Trinity Hall M1 - Early celebration - £30
​Fines can be appealed by e-mailing Dan Wilkins, CUCBC Senior Treasurer (seniortreasurer at cucbc.org <mailto:seniortreasurer at cucbc.org>) within 48 hours.​ <http://www.cucbc.org/mays/notes_fines#tue>
Conor Burgess
CUCBC Executive Committee
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