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Subject: [CUCBC Exec Committee] Old CUBC rowing kit
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To The Honoary Secretary

I represent the parents association for The King's School Chester RC.

KSRCPA have the privilage of having had a number of items of "old" rowing
kit donated to it by Tom James. Tom is the patron of the KSRCPA charity.
KSRCPA are intending to try and sell off these items of Tom's old rowing
kit, using the proceeds to improve the quality of the equipment/boats,
available to our rowers.

Tom has donated a number of items from his time rowing for CUBC, 16 items
in all. A selection of these will be auctioned off at a Race Night Fund
raising event on 16th Nov the others sold off individually later.

This activity is a first for the KSRCPA and we were putting out feelers
with regards to whether there would be any interest within the membership
of CUCBC to purchase some of these CUBC items or indeed any other items of
Tom's old kit.

Many of these items are in excellent condition and come from his time with
Team GB, so the quality of the items with regards to using them for
training, is of the highest.

I hope that this will have your interest and will be happy to provide
photos, sizes and any other information required.

I look forward to hearing from you.

Best regards
Richard Lusher
0151 353 0042 or 07906 159147
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