[CUCBC Contacts] Umpiring May Bumps

Dan Wilkins dan at cucbc.org
Thu May 10 13:49:27 BST 2012

Hi all

Quick correction of mistake that crept through in my earlier email. There, of course, TWO races in a plate competition, and not three. Apologies for any confusion. Corrected version of original email below. 




A quick reminder that entries for the Cambridge 99 RC Spring Regatta close on 15 May. You can register yours by emailing regatta at nines.rowing.org.uk. Cheques made payable to "Cambridge 99 RC" can be left for my attention at the nines boathouse or sent to 

32 Grebe Court

More details are available on our website, including a poster for your boathouse notice boards.

As a plate competition, each crew is guaranteed to row twice, and you should be done in a pretty short amount of time, so as not to interfere with any revision plans! A great opportunity to practice those bumps starts against the opposition!

Any enquires, do please fire me back an email on the address above.

Many thanks


Ian Farrell

Club Captain
Cambridge '99 RC

07803 084698
ian at ianfarrell.org

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