[CUCBC Contacts] May Bumps 2011: Friday Results and Notes/Fines

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Dan Wilkins
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Subject: May Bumps: Wednesday Results and Notes/Fines

Dear all,

Results from Wednesday's racing are now available at
(Though 2 crews from M2 are due to rerow in the morning.)

I attach the start order for Thursday.

*Notes from the Umpires*

  a.. Thanks for a generally good first day's racing and apologies for the 
various delays at points during the day.
  b.. Please be careful on the towpath especially as it becomes busier 
throughout the week: watch out for members of the public travelling against 
the flow of traffic and beware of stopping suddenly without looking behind 

Fines may be appealed to me within 48 hours of this e-mail being sent

  a.. ARU W1 - Failure to clear - £50
  b.. Caius W2 - Failure to clear - £25
  c.. Caius M3 - Dangerous coxing - £100
  d.. Christ's W3 - Foul language (responding in kind by *megaphone*) - £20
  e.. Christ's M4 - Foul language - £20
  f.. Christ's M5 - Oversized bank party - £50
  g.. Churchill M2 - Failure to clear - £20
  h.. Corpus M3 - Dropped bung - £15
  i.. Darwin W2 - V. late concession - £30
  j.. Darwin W2 - Lost bowball - replace by tomorrow
  k.. Emma M3 - Forgot lifejacket - £50
  l.. Girton M4 - Failure to clear - £25
  m.. Hughes/Lucy W2 - Foul language - £20
  n.. Jesus W4 - Failure to clear - £25
  o.. Jesus M5 - Late concession - £25
  p.. King's W2 - Failure to clear - £30
  q.. LMBC M1 - Failure to concede - £30
  r.. Newnham W2 - Forgot bung (no advantage) - £15
  s.. Tit Hall W2 - Oversized bank party - £50
  t.. Control - Adopting a puppy - Jaffa Cake supply henceforth to be 
replaced with dog biscuits


Dr Holly Hedgeland
CUCBC Senior Treasurer
Robinson College
Cambridge, CB3 9AN 

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