[CUCBC Contacts] Pembroke Regatta 2011

Alisdair McClymont am759 at cam.ac.uk
Thu Jan 27 13:19:17 GMT 2011

Dear all Men's LBCs,

At the moment we're hoping to put out 3 men's lower boats at Selwyn but 
unfortunately are 2 men short. Therefore if anyone has any overlap for 
their crews, or someone who didn't make the cut but is still keen to row, 
could you let us know so that we can contact them?

As far as training and races and concerned, the boat will be training three 
times a week and be involved in Newnham short course, Pembroke Regatta and 
the getting on race (ie they will not necessarily be competing in bumps).

Let us know if you've got anyone, 

Thanks a lot, 

Ben Gliniecki (bg295 at cam.ac.uk) and David Barton (db512 at cam.ac.uk)
Selwyn Men's LBCs

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