[CUCBC Contacts] Umpiring the May Bumps

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Fri May 7 13:23:23 BST 2010


 Hello Everyone
Below is a list of Georgina Cruises for May.

Please be aware that Georgina will need to be on the wrong side of the river when coming upstream (towards Jesus Green) when passing the Fort St George due to the large overhanging tree.
2 hour cruises turn where you do at the lock so please clear and move upstream so that we do not delay you.

Thank you 

More trips may be added.

Sunday  02/05/10    13.30-16.30
Friday  07/05/10    12.00-14.00
Thursday    13/05/10    14.30-16.30
Saturday    15/05/10    14.00-16.00
Tuesday 18/05/10    10.30-12.30
Tuesday 18/05/10    14.30-16.30
Wednesday   19/05/10    14.00-15.00
Friday  21/05/10    12.00-14.00
Saturday    22/05/10    19.00-23.00
Tuesday 25/05/10    13.00-15.00
Wednesday   26/05/10    14.30-16.30
Friday  28/05/10    13.00-15.00
Saturday    29/05/10    14.00-16.00
Sunday  This Trip Yet TBC 30/05/2010    13.00-15.00

Standard sound signals apply to vessels using the River Cam (in accordance with international collision avoidance regulations).

■ One short blast*: I am altering my course to STARBOARD (to the right)

■■ Two short blasts: I am altering my course to PORT (to the left)

■■■ Three short blasts: My engines are going ASTERN (reversing)

■■■■ ▬ Four short blasts, one long blast **: I am turning around with my bow swinging to STARBOARD (to the right, clockwise turn)

■■■■ ▬ ▬ Four short blasts, two long blasts *: I am turning around with my bow swinging to PORT (to the left, anticlockwise turn)

■■■■■ Five blasts: your intentions aren’t clear (what are you doing?)

* a short blast is about one second’s duration
** a prolonged blast lasts from 4 to 6 seconds duration

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