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Tue May 4 11:38:29 BST 2010

Captains - I would be most grateful if you could pass this on to your male
athletes and to all coxes.

Dear all,

CULRC are looking for athletes to take part in their Development Squad this
summer.  Anybody is welcome to trial for it, but in particular we are
looking for athletes who weigh 80kg or less and who will be in a position to
trial next year.  We are also looking for coxes who are keen to trial next
year.  The important thing at this stage is to demonstrate the potential to
improve to the required level, and not absolute performance.  This is
intended as a useful period of four weeks (Monday 21st June to Sunday 18th
July) where we will begin the process of beating Oxford in the 2011 Boat
Race.  However, participation in the Development Squad is not a requirement
to join formal trialling in September, so don't fret if you already have
plans this summer.

There will be a meeting for those interested on Monday 10th May at 4.45pm
(finished in time for men's hour) at Goldie BH in the Captains' Room.  We
will introduce next year's junior committee, as well as provide a summary of
the successful Boat Race campaign this year, and how we intend to progress
from this position.  There will then be a 2k selection erg on Tuesday 11th
and Wednesday 12th May at Goldie BH at 2pm on both days.  Please do not make
your own judgements of what is a suitable 2k...as said, it is about
potential and not current performance.  If you cannot make either of these
erg days or indeed the meeting, then please let me know by email.  The
intention is to hold the erg asap after the meeting so people can get on
with organising College accommodation.  If there is a real problem here,
then let me know and we may be able to help arrange something for you, along
the lines of camping on the floor of another rower.

Different to the Development Squads of previous years, we plan on only
taking 16 athletes plus 2 coxes, with scope for fewer or more depending on
the quality of the applicants.  We will race at Kingston and Molesey
Regattas where we have won the Victor Ludorums for most successful club in
the last few years.  Although there is flexibility within this for talented
athletes who can only make three of those weeks, we will primarily be
looking for athletes who can make the whole period and who will also be in a
position to trial next year for the 2011 campaign.  Coxes will essentially
be selected by previous experience, but again, priority will be given to
those who are able to trial next year, so do apply if you would like to be

Dave White
CULRC Head Coach
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