[CUCBC Contacts] Hire of 4+ for Fours Head

H.V.A. James hvaj2 at cam.ac.uk
Wed Oct 21 10:21:34 BST 2009

Dear All,

The draw and race timetable for University Fours has been created.  These
can be accessed by visiting http://www.cucbc.org/regatta and going to
University Fours 2009.

The crew that you arrive with on your first day of racing is defined to be
your crew (no matter what you entered online).  If this crew changes at *ANY
POINT* after your first race, then you need to notify the Executive
Committee at committee at cucbc.org.  Any crew changes bust me eligible,
particularly with regards to rule 56c which states that any crew with more
than 1 mays colour (rowed first boat in May Bumps) must be entered in the
first division.  Please also let us know of any scratches ASAP.

It is absolutely critical that you marshal at the time indicated.  If you
arrive even slightly late you will set back the entire competition, and you
may be disqualified.  There are a lot of races to fit into 14:00-16:00, so
arriving even a few minutes late sets us back quite a lot.  Please also pay
attention to where you have to marshal, as you don't want to get in the way
of racing crews.

Umpires are also necessary to carry out these races.  The more umpires your
college provides, the fewer marshals it will have to provide.  Umpiring is
like marshalling, only you get to say when you are free!  It's a great way
to watch some great races, or even check out your competition.  Now that the
timetable has been published, everyone should know when they are free.
Please send your availability to me, cuwbc at cucbc.org, and I will add you to
the current list of umpires.  Make sure to include which college you are
from, and your mobile number as well.

Derek O'Brien
CUWBC Secretary
CUCBC Secretary
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