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Will Richards will at cucbc.org
Fri Oct 31 16:29:30 GMT 2008

Please see message below from SSBC. Replies to Joseph Payton
(jwp32 at cam.ac.uk).

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From: Joseph Payton [mailto:jwp32 at cam.ac.uk] 
Sent: 28 October 2008 14:32
To: webmaster at cucbc.org
Subject: Macons Needed for Fairbairns

Please could you forward the following to contacts at cucbc.org please?

Hi all,

SSBC would like to buy at least one sweep macon to replace a stolen blade.
If you have any spare/unused macons we could purchase then we would very
much appreciate it if you could get in touch as soon as possible.


Joseph Payton
SSBC Treasurer '08-09
junior-treasurer at ssbc.org.uk

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