[CUCBC Contacts] Emma Sprints Draw

A. Frisby af347 at cam.ac.uk
Fri Nov 21 10:23:16 GMT 2008

Three robinson boats have pulled out so here's the revised draw. Please 
check that the changes made are acceptable, theres now a catz boat in the 
1st division, and the next two divisions have some minor changes. Thanks, 
Alex Frisby

On Nov 20 2008, A. Frisby wrote:

>The draw for Emma Sprints is attached, please read carefully and let me 
>know if there are any mistakes, especially boatsharing and timing issues.
>Please make sure on Sunday that your crews are punctual, especially if 
>you're in the extra section of the 2nd (mixed) division.
> Also, I just looked at the weather forecast and it looks like its going 
> to be very, very cold so make sure everyone involved, including coxes and 
> bank parties, wears lots of kit so we don't have anyone getting 
> pneumonia!
>Alex Frisby

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