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Gillian McFarland gm329 at cam.ac.uk
Tue Mar 4 11:10:10 GMT 2008

Is there any good reason why CUCBC excercises this self-imposed river ban on 
Sundays from now until Michaelmas? AFAIK there is a gentlemans agreement 
with town rowing clubs (the CRA) with the intention of allowing town rowers 
a bit more river space on weekends assuming that many of them have full time 
jobs and only go out during weekends. However, this assumption isn't true 
and what happens is that the river on Sunday afternoons in the summer is 
almost completely unused. This is to the detriment of rowing on the Cam as 
the remaining six days therefore will become more congested and Saturdays 
will become more unsafe for CRA novice scullers given the many college VIIIs 
having outings.

It would be great if the CUCBC in consultation with the CRA would consider 
extending the Michalemas and Lent rowing scheme (i.e. college rowing only in 
the afternoon on weekends) throughout the whole year including holidays as 
this would make for a more efficient use of the river.

These viewpoints are my own and may or may not represent sentiments among 
members from my club.

Rob Roy BC

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> Saturday 8th March - Champs Junior Sculling Head, 11am - 3:30pm.
> Also a reminder that Rule 12 is now back to normal after Bumps - rowing is
> allowed ALL DAY on Saturday but NOT AT ALL on Sunday.
> Will
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