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Christopher Kerr culrc at cucbc.org
Wed Jul 9 06:22:43 BST 2008

Further to my original email, I'm still looking for two female crew members. I 
really don't want to lose to Oxford by default so get keen!
Perhaps I should have pointed out that currachs are very difficult to capsize, 
so if you haven't sculled before you won't get wet (unless it rains), you 
just won't go as fast (and will thus get to spend more time on the bank 


On Friday 09 May 2008 13:32:23 I wrote:
> Dear All,
> I recently received an email (attached) inviting Cambridge to send a team
> to the Irish International Currach Championships, which will run from
> Friday 8th to Sunday 10th August in Omeath in County Louth. Accommodation,
> meals and transport to and from Dublin or Belfast airports (not to mention
> a generous quantity of Guinness) are provided - you only need to pay for
> your flights (if you live in Ireland then you don't even need to pay for
> those). Other teams competing include Oxford, a couple of US universities,
> and a number of currach clubs from across the US and Ireland.
> A currach is a wide, keel-less sculling boat with thole pins instead of
> riggers and gates (so you can't feather the oars) and fixed seats. They're
> made from canvas stretched over a wooden frame and are therefore much
> lighter than clinker-built tub pairs, but obviously don't really compare
> with a racing shell. The lack of keel or rudder makes them quite difficult
> to steer in a straight line, but you can use this to your advantage since
> there is no rule against nudging your opponents off-course. More
> information can be found on http://www.currach.org or, of course, on
> Wikipedia.
> Having got you hooked, here comes the bad news: they currently only have
> funding for a team of four (two men and two women, to make up a mixed quad
> as well as smaller boats like doubles and singles) and the men's slots went
> within an hour when I forwarded the email to the CULRC list. CUWBC,
> however, don't seem to be so keen on freebies so the women's spaces are
> still open. If you're interested and female, contact me - I'll allocate
> places on a first-come, first-served basis. [That sounds a lot more dodgy
> than it did in my head.] If you're male and want to be put on a waiting
> list in case they get more funding and more places become available, also
> contact me.

Christopher Kerr
St Catharine's College
Cambridge CB2 1RL

CULRC Hon: Sec: 2008-09

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