[CUCBC Contacts] CUR1350 Live Radio Coverage of the 2008 Lent Bumps

Carrie Raynham cr343 at cam.ac.uk
Fri Feb 22 23:38:27 GMT 2008

Dear all,

*** BumpIT! ***

BumpIT is back - go to
http://www.firstandthird.org/frames/results/edit/bumpit.phtml to play!

This is our bumps predictions game, now coming into its third year.
The rules are explained on the main page, with details of the scoring
system in the Leaderboard section. There are two versions of the game:
4-day, for predicting the complete men's or women's bumps charts, and
Daily, for predicting each of the five days of the Lent Bumps.

Prizes may be awarded to the Lents 2008 BumpIT Champions, but
unfortunately I've forgotten to order them or to find some money to
buy them until now. Entry is of course free.

If you've played in the past, are a member of First and Third or are
at Homerton and use the lard system, then a user account will already
exist for you.  Any problems then get in touch with me at webmaster at
firstandthird dot org.

Good luck and get guessing!

*** Instant results ***

We'll also be running our usual instant results services: live updates
to http://www.firstandthird.org and by SMS as soon as results have
been received by the control desk.  On the day of the race, text 'fat'
and the division in which you are interested to 60300 and you will
receive a text message with the results, immediately if the race has
already happened or as soon as it finishes.  For example, if you text
'fat w2' then you will receive results for the second women's

The text you send is charged at your normal rate and the text you
receive costs 12p.  For more details, go to

Good luck to all those racing in the bumps!

Bryn Garrod

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